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Create Digital Twins and broker interactions between their data and controls.

We create a Digital Twin of every source and consumer, semantically describing them so you can securely and flexibly transform into an event-driven business. Put Digital Twins, rather than databases, at the heart of your digital transformation. Liberate existing data from silos, legacy assets and technologies from MVP to scale.

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Create Digital Twins and broker their interactions.

Our patented and secure cloud-hosted tool, Iotic Space, protects any source from a variety of attacks, and our Asset Timeline means that every twin can have a lifelong event log. Iotic Space semantically describes Digital Twins of every source and consumer. You can increase productivity with future-flexible technology and transform your business with an event-driven asset centric approach.

Digital Twins are coupled to an event stream enabling through-life understanding and auditable event history at a granular level. Digital Twins and their event streams can be nested, combining multiple Twins to create complex behavioural Twins. An additive open-world structure delivers extensible, scalable applications, modelling and insights from MVP to scale.


Iotic Space is a horizontal capability, with early adoption in High-value Manufacturing, Construction, Smart Infrastructure, and Logistics.

Silos of Data

Contextualise Data Silos

Interrelate different platforms, services, networks and devices with public and private third-party sources.

Gain greater insight with contextualised Digital Twins: broker interactions on-the-fly, simply and securely.

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Event-Driven Business

Business transformation through digital transformation. Place Digital Twins and their event timelines at the heart of your business to evolve from report centric to event driven. Enhanced efficiencies, improved management and just-in-time capabilities throughout an asset's lifetime: from as designed, to as used and as maintained.

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Hidden Value

Unlock Hidden Value

Separate silos and multiple databases obscure insights and opportunity.

Iotic Space normalises your data estate, semantically describing sources and consumers so that they can be ‘discovered' and assets sweated harder and longer.

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Developer Portal

Iotic Space is ready to enable you to demonstrate value. Sign up to our community space and begin to explore Iotic Space and how Digital Twins can transform your processes and business.

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