Visions and Values

We have a big Vision
Make the Internet of Things like the Internet

Creative, sharing, practical, useful, fun.

A great place to find out things, share, create, understand, exchange.

To build a business, publish, and relate in ways never seen before.

Just like the Internet – but for things.

Our Vision:

“A great place for things to interact.”


It needed a lot of thought … and inspiration.

Finally we built Iotic Space.

Isn’t the Internet of Things just the Internet?


Our Launchpads are the place to start, places of experimentation, creativity and inspiration.  A great place to try out ideas, connect things in new ways and gain new insights.

The place where all this happens is Iotic Space

Real things become Iotic things. When they do they can interact in all kinds of ways

New Iotic things are born every minute, created by Mashapps and synthesising engines

Every real thing needs to provide metadata about itself to the Registrar.  This is the mediator that ensures that security and privacy are provided and maintained for all users, things and Mashapps.


We want people to be empowered.  To create new things, make things work for them in the way they want, to make lives more interesting … and fun. All without having to have a proper ‘use case’.

While most organisations remain stuck in a linear world, connecting more and more devices to bigger and bigger data centres, we chose to follow a different path.  We imagine a world of distributed data – admittedly some of it will be in big heaps, but most of it will be in small pockets as lots of things interact with other things on the fly – as and when they need to.

Our ambition is to find ways to create new understanding, improve the quality of life in our cities and enable people to live in the countryside without being isolated.  We want to liberate the information locked up in different places – even within our own companies and homes, build new businesses, enable communities that work together to exchange data with each other.

All that means that people need to feel safe if they are to share and exchange data.  Ok, most data is not that important, or personal, but when put together and linked with other sources it can provide insights way beyond our original expectations.  We had to create something that provided both privacy and security.

We wanted to find an alternative to Big Data for Big cities where everything needs a use case and it all needs to be specified in advance.  Where millions are spent on huge data systems that no one can understand and to which few have access.  I don’t want to be more efficient – but I do want to be more effective, creative, excited by life.

For those that refuse to believe “it can’t be done”

Our vision has been realised with the support of the European Research & Development Fund

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