Are We

We are a bunch of creative engineers who refused to believe “It can’t be done” and that the Internet had greater Iotic leverage than the sum of the world’s networks.

Building on a combined 100 years of world-class experience in remote management of all kinds of things, we judged that the time was ripe for a truly disruptive approach. While most people remain stuck in the linear world, connecting more and more devices to bigger and bigger data centres, we chose to follow a different path. We imagine a world of distributed data – admittedly some of it will be in big heaps, but most of it will be in small pockets as lots of things interact with other things on the fly – and only when they need to.

Meet the team

Robin Brattel

A highly motivated, entrepreneurial and experienced digital leader Robin finds and solves problems. Robin has built and grown tech businesses from scratch in the UK/US, managed international teams and led multi-million pound projects. A natural communicator and believer in the power of collaboration, Robin’s role as CEO of Iotic Labs is driving the democratisation of data and bringing together an eclectic and passionate team in creating a true Web of Things.

Paul Green

Creative, off the wall, inspired and inspiring, Paul is annoying and tenacious and simply won’t believe it can’t be done. One of his colleagues says, “Show Paul a grain of sand and he’ll make you a beach”. He has an artist’s talent for building innovative businesses by combining engineering and science with an innate understanding of diverse applications. With a flair for seeing over the horizon, Paul is the evangelistic, creative brain behind the concept of Iotic Labs.

Mark Wharton

Engineering creativity coupled with forensic thinking about ‘things’, Mark is maddeningly tenacious until he has got something that really works. Unfortunately, this sometimes happens at his Zumba class – which isn’t pretty. He has a flair for building engineering teams to turn concepts into working reality and communicating in a way that ordinary mortals can understand. Unsurprisingly, Mark is the experienced engineering brain behind the Iotic concept.

Ali Nicholl

Focused on communication and engagement, Ali is passionate about enabling and empowering individuals and organisations to create a true Internet of Things. Experienced working across a disparate range of sectors and verticals, he is focused on collaboration with enterprise and communities. Helping clients and partners to develop transformative services and solutions. Strategically connecting inspired and inspiring individuals and organisations to disrupt mindsets and processes to not do things differently, but do different things.

David Brown

An Australian who has worked in every corner of the world David has 20 years of experience in telecoms infrastructure with extensive experience covering strategic planning, implementation, technology selection, procurement and stakeholder management. Crafting compelling strategic narratives, David loves to tell stories and inspire action. Our man in APAC, is an advocate of the importance of data science and the Internet of Things to unlock the potential of our future cities. David is particularly fascinated about how the Internet of Things can be used to optimise investment in renewable energy and battery storage.

Sophie Peachey

With a background in developing and deploying collaborative, multi-party technology projects, Sophie has worked with the Internet of Things since 2012, although played with the background concepts and requirements since 2002. Sophie is people focused, making friends and contacts at companies and organisations of all shapes and sizes. Sophie has a passion for innovative ideas and likes nothing more than helping a concept of pure genius to become a reality. The delight of the Internet of Things is the genius it inspires, making Sophie’s role with Iotic Labs a very happy one to fill!

Ian Orrock

Entrepreneurial, connected, incisive – but also good at sums. After all, “Someone has to ensure we make money”. Widely experienced in the UK and USA, Ian has the ability to cut through the market hype to see the significance that IoT will have for the many organisations that will be transformed due to the IoT Revolution. Everyone needs a grouchy Scot to make the numbers work and pull the strands together of an emergent business, and Ian does this with amazing grace for Iotic Labs.