Cyber Monday 2015: Trust in Digital

by Sam Joy

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and let’s go one step further with Cyber Week, regardless of the country you reside in, the consumer holiday has established itself as a significant event in the digital world.

Retailers are reveling in what is expected to be the highest number of online sales recorded to date. Cut price discounts, enticing incentives and an Iotic shopping experience; shopping online is now easy, enjoyable and familiar. With businesses gaining trust and loyalty we’re seeing consumers break down the fear factor of engaging online, sharing personal information such as their credit card detail and purchasing goods. Buyers, across demographic divides are using their credit cards to purchase from a much-loved brand or browsing discounts on their iPhone and paying through their PayPal app.

This is evident in the statistics of Cyber Week 2015.  Biz Report reported a record for Amazon UK which sold more than 7.4 million items on Black Friday, that’s approximately 86 items every second, up from 5.5 million items in 2014.

The entire shopping practice has evolved to an efficient, pleasurable activity with the ability to buy from a range of devices, make payments via protected methods and purchase from a range of outlets in one easy click. Shoppers are using trusted secure online spaces to interact with a broad cross section of retailers creating their own experiences. What’s more, shoppers are increasingly becoming heavily invested with the desire and ability to engage and share through social media. Shoppers are curating their experience and sharing it back online, inspiring other shoppers, who in turn are using the shared imagery, offers, and ideas to enhance their journey.

A trusted secure space online, where users confidently search, create, and share, curating their experience and transforming other users’ journeys. It all sounds very Iotic, doesn’t it?

What will Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Cyber Week look next year? What’s next? How will retailers use technology to their advantage in the future? How will the consumer journey adapt to new opportunities unlocked by Iotic Space?