The Internet of things

A bicycle makes no sense until you ride it.

Most of us get the idea of linear end-to-end connections.  But Iotic Labs is different – things have a multi-dimensional life in Iotic Space.  The ability to relate things on the fly and transform services using data from completely different and previously unrelated sources is hard to fully grasp at the outset. Why not explore what is being shared publicly right now in Iotic Space

Experience makes sense of IoT

MAgic Map Pin

A simple application

Experience what Iotic Space can do. This is a Magic Map Pin. We have centered this one on to the IET in London. The red pin here is an Iotic thing and is searching, finding, following and then plotting feeds.

We have set it here to follow Open Data sources like river levels and weather forecasts, transport information like Santander Bike, and Car Park availability, and academic sensor information like Air Quality. Using semantic search and meta data we can find and bind to feeds. Selecting the red pin will bring up a list of potential data sets in the surrounding area toggling these of or on will allow the pin to bind to them and using the meta data that the things share to programmatically build a dashboard of data

Sharing and combing Things in the IoT is an additive process allowing us to use what we want permanently or in transient relationships. It is a true IoT that is both ubiquitous but personal.

Imagine what is possible in your Internet of Things