Iotic Labs enables and empowers communities of things.

Education, business, government, cities and homes – Iotic Space works for you wherever you are.

Iotic Labs is itself a community: developers, Mashapp Builders, makers, embedded engineers, designers and creative entrepreneurs.  We love working with these diverse groups who each contributes to making Iotic Labs an exciting and diverse community. Linux developers, an engineering school, Fablab London, a medical innovation incubator, a creative computer group, a fashion college, industrial control systems, micro-controller developers and a jewellery designer all use Iotic Space.

Iotic Labs provides a way to make abstract connections, without needing an ‘uber-geek’
Gus Deparet, The Alloy

Iotic Labs is all about communities:


Specialist Iotic champions help us to properly understand the needs of various sectors such as: transportation, industrial automation, education, smart cities, makers, medical services and semi-conductors (micro-controllers, etc.)

Developers, Makers and Creators

You are at the heart of the Iotic community and we would love to talk with you.

Mashapp designers have a great opportunity to build creative insights, services and solutions.  Contact us to find out more about how you might become involved.


The growing community of makers is building some amazing products from an Iotic café to interactive jewellery.

It’s a community of all sorts of things owned by all sorts of people


TechUK – member of the IoT Council

Cambridge Wireless – Champion of Connected Devices SIG

Cambridge Wireless – Champion of Future Devices SIG

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Winner of medical systems grant

European Union Colour