Uses and Users
Build your community of things

Iotic Labs – invaluable support for any community….
Creators, Consumers, Corporations, Crafts, Councils and Clothing

Share data from sensors, devices, remote equipment and even dumb things with your community, friends, partners and sub-contractors.  Iotic Labs enables you to talk with a variety of data sources, without having to own all the parts. Iotic Space is like social networking for things.

Multiple individuals, companies or organisations can share their data with each other in Iotic Space. 

Don’t just collect data – securely share it between organisations

Smart City Example

An Internet of City Things provides a secure and private means to inter-relate data between departments.  Resulting interactions generate new insights and efficiencies.

An Internet of City Things will provide an open ‘Internet’ enabling the council, business and citizens to share data with each other and for innovative Mashapps to be built in the Iotic Space.  Diverse users will proliferate a variety of different ways to inter-relate both hard sensor data and softer, people responsive information.  People, communities and businesses will be enabled to interact in dissimilar ways generating innovative engagement across the community.  Because individuals, business and community will be involved, this will trigger changes in both attitude and behaviour.