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Secure IoT Networks

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Iotic Labs have teamed up with (ISC)² to offer a course in Secure IoT Networks using Iotic Space.

In the course you’ll find out how to securely deploy IoT devices for your business. This includes information on reducing the number of network incursions, how to identify, mitigate, and isolate any threats, and ways in which the secure IoT infrastructure of Iotic Space can help.

Course Overview

A self-paced, blended-learning course with a four-step approach to mitigating risk. The course uses Iotic Space as a tool to understand context, methodology and walkthrough a practical example.
In the course you will find out how to deploy IoT devices securely in your business, reduce the risk of network incursions, and how to identify, mitigate, and isolate threats. You will also learn how tools like Iotic Space can enable you to discover and interact with IoT devices from disparate manufacturers safely; even those which work in different ways.

Course Length: 10 Hours (CPEs Available)

Learning Objectives

Course Goal
Enable the business benefits of IoT introduction by allowing the deployment of useful IoT devices whilst reducing the number of network incursions and threat introductions by employing secure IoT infrastructure, identifying, mitigating and isolating any threats

At the end of the course you will be able to:

    • Identify potential threats introduced by IoT equipment

    • List the sensible security precautions you should take before adopting the abstract, isolate, gateway approach

    • Show how to abstract any potential harmful equipment using a virtual Thing

    • Show how network architectures can be used to isolate potentially harmful equipment with Iotic Gateways used as an example of how to provide secure access

    • Describe a method of allowing access via gateways

    • Create example configuration(s) using Iotic simulations and verify functionality

Course Structure


  • 1. Introduction to IoT security
  • 2. Identify the threats
  • 3. Isolating devices
  • 4. Abstraction for security
  • 5. Allowing access via a gateway
  • 6. Mitigation strategies
  • 7. Next Steps
  • Requirements

  • 1. Basic knowledge of the Python Language
  • 2. Comfortable using the command line interface in Linux, Mac or Windows
  • 3. Some familiarity with network configurations
  • Resources

  • Iotic Labs and (ISC)² webinar “Form the Future with Secure IoT”
  • IoT Security and the Iotic Space White Paper
  • Course
  • Course Author

    Mark Wharton is CTO and co-founder of Iotic Labs, in charge of the technical team and direction. During his 35-year career in IT, Mark has experience in areas as diverse as large databases and mobile comms. He has been fascinated with the semantic web for knowledge management, but now has focussed on the goal of autonomous interoperability where machine-readable semantics can drive a diverse set of solutions with minimal human intervention and business operations will have the tools to introduce innovations with minimal impact to their day-to-day activities, and the confidence to know that they can mitigate risk of cyber attack

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    (ISC)² is an international non-profit membership association focused on inspiring a safe and secure cyber world. Their membership, over 123,000 strong, is made up of certified cyber, information, software and infrastructure security professionals who are making a difference and helping to advance the industry.

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