what is it?
It's the internet of things!

Wouldn't it be brilliant if lots of completely different things could share their data with each other?

That’s what Iotic Labs does – it provides access to Iotic Space, an environment where things can share data, where data can be mashed with different sorts of data from others things, where anything can be related to anything else.

Map of all things

Here is a map of things in Iotic Space, all sharing and exchanging their data.

But they don’t have to be physical sensors or things they can also be conference timetables, Boris Bike availability, Wind Gust speeds, even Cows.

Why not have a look and see more of the Internet of Things

Know different things by relating different things.

Paul Green

The Iotic Space is a great place for things to interact.

Sensors, devices, remote equipment and even dumb things can share their data with each other in Iotic Space.

Iotic Labs has created an Internet-like environment for things. Data from anything can be shared or exchanged with anything else creating new relationships, insights and whole new ways to interact.

It is free from pre-defined formats, database structures and any other pre-determined model. Just like the Internet you are free to interact with myriads of data sources and mash data together with Iotic Mashapps.

While most people remain stuck in the linear world, connecting more and more devices to bigger and bigger data centres, we chose to follow a different path.  We imagine a world of distributed data – admittedly some of it will be in big heaps, but most of it will be in small pockets as lots of things interact with other things on the fly – as and when they need to. 

You might be walking down the street while your clothing is interacting with myriads of sensors, picking up those in front and dropping off others behind – just imagine what you could do with that.