Virtualise your things in Iotic Space

Wouldn’t it be nice if The Internet of Things was like…, well, hmmm, yes,
Like the Internet?

Real things become virtual things in Iotic Space. Here they can meet other virtual things and, even if they appear to have very little in common, they can exchange data, connect and relate. Mashapps live in this Iotic Space and can bring together the virtual things, their data and attributes to create new things. For example, a simple hydraulic pressure gauge may publish the pressure every ten minutes, but a mashapp might take that feed to create an average pressure. This might be combined with other virtual devices such as tyre pressure and movement sensors, to create a big Iotic picture of a piece earth-moving equipment, or even a whole road-building project. The project even becomes an Iotic thing because it is also a virtual entity in Iotic Space.

Iotic Labs is not linear – it is a community of shared data

Paul Green

Discover Iotic Things

Your apps may be interested in certain types of Iotic things, sensors or devices behaving in certain ways. They can be discovered in the Registry, which then asks the real thing if they are willing to share data with your app. If all is ok they can now share with each other in Iotic Space, exchanging data feeds and enabling the app to gain information from previously unrelated sources.

The silo isn’t working any more

Millions of devices and sensors monitor and mange all sorts of remote equipment such as street lights, waterways, heating systems, vehicles and energy. Destined for a very particular purpose most of this data lands up in ‘silos’.

Most of these systems are structured around specific organisations for a particular purpose – so the data is located in many ‘silos’ with little or no exchange of data between other organisations that might have an interest and who might benefit from the same source.

Many people refer to the “Internet of Things” when they are actually referring to a cloud data source within one company; an “Intranet of Things”. Instead, Iotic Space allows you to publish this, or subsets of, this data, into one central place. This space gives our community of members a broad range of accessible, searchable data streams with which to interact and create their own mashapps. Members can discover and interact with a multitude of data sources in real time, without having to own all, or any, of the sources. You can think of us as the sky connecting the cloud storage systems!

Interacting with various data sources, without owning all of the parts