How it works
relative, non-linear interoperability. That’s what we were after … but we didn’t say it quite like that

We have a big goal,
Make the Internet of things like the Internet.
Not really...
It needed a lot of thought … and inspiration!

We had lots of questions – here are a few...

How can things share data together?  How can all sorts of different types of data be mashed together?  Would that even make any sense at all?  What is a thing anyway?  What about privacy and security?  How might I hide something I don’t want to be found, but share it with someone I trust?  How can I protect my things, my data, my business from bad people?


Interact with anything

The solution is Iotic Space.  It’s a place where things can interact with other things.  Both things need to be in Iotic Space and both need to share something about themselves in order to be allowed in.  It’s a creative place where data from all sorts of things can be mashed together by, yes, Mashapps and make use of open APIs. The Iotic Space is a great place to interact.

Everyone gets to play

Anything can join Iotic Space.  Sensors, electrical things, machines, micro-controllers, data systems are obvious participants.  But it also accommodates groups of things so that a whole conference, event or street could become an Iotic ‘Thing’.  People, animals, fabric, clothing, even my underlining on my E-Book can all be Iotic ‘Things’.  Mashapps and synthesizing engines build entirely new ‘Things’ in the Iotic Space and can publish them for others to use. Even big data gets to publish data in Iotic Space and retrieve data from the Mashapps and directly from other data sources.


Imagine searching for and finding data near where you are. Semantic search allows you to find the Things you are interested in around you. You can use search terms to find things and combine them with a completely unrelated collection of Things.

Just like the internet we can search and find things and feeds and combine them in new and unexpected ways to uncover and reveal new insights, new ways of working and enchant ours and others lives.

Create your community of unrelated things

Privacy and security

The policeman (and regulator) of Iotic Space is the Registrar.  Metadata is held by the Registrar about devices, data, sources, users and, in fact, everything and everyone that joins Iotic Space.  So the data and what the data means are separated.  Good news.  A clever snooper might be able to pick up, say, 6.32 from a remote sensor – but that is meaningless without knowing what kind of sensor and where it is.  Without access to the Registrar the data makes no sense at all.