A Space That Fits

Don’t be constrained by space – instead access one that enables the Internet of Your Things to grow, mature and evolve in ways that you have not yet imagined.

From an experience with a Launchpad through to a global enterprise, there is a vision of Iotic Space that will meet the needs of your community.

Don't fit to a space - Access a space that fits to you

Data Space - without limits

It’s hard to work out how big to make a ‘Big Data’ engine – especially when you are not sure just who will need to gain access to the data and what they might use it for.  Ok, you might have started with a great use case but in no time at all that has become outdated and new applications have become more important.  That’s the beauty of Iotic Space – it scales with your needs and enables new connections and opportunities to be created as they are needed.

So, no need to define everything in advance – just start and gain new insights as your things discover and relate to other things in ways that you never planned but are so glad you discovered.